The Concept
 The CorkShack Marvão Ecolodges will be luxury self-catering roundhouses and are based on "choças", the dwellings of Iron age people of Portugal i.e. more than two thousand years ago. In the municipality of Marvão, many roundhouses still exist today and some were still inhabited by families up until the last century. Now most of them are in a state of ruin and have been abandoned or are used as storage for crops and to keep animals.

They are round dry-stone walled buildings, which have no foundations and were erected on a flat surface of granite rock. They have conical thatched roofs made from wooden beams that are covered with broom. CorkShack Marvão Ecolodges will be a modern reconstruction of these pre-historic roundhouses with the addition of modern luxury comforts. They will be constructed wherever possible using local ecological materials and be equipped with renewable energy.

Exclusively for two adults, each eco-lodge will be made up of one 6.5 metre (decagon), all are self-catering and are fully furnished with heating and air-conditioning, luxury bedding, a fully equipped bathroom and a kitchenette where you will find all you need for basic cooking. Outside there will be a private deck area to relax, sunbathe, barbecue and eat. Before arrival, the guests will be able to pre-order a luxury hamper with traditional Alentejo products. The immediate environment will have an environmentally friendly chlorine-free swimming pool and shaded areas set in the natural grounds with nut, tangerine, lemon, fig and olive trees. CorkShack Marvão Ecolodges will offer a unique place for a holiday and an opportunity for people to stay in an unusual dwelling with a link to the past. 



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